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Connecticut teacher’s controversial worksheet enrages parents: ‘Frustrating as hell’

Originally Published: New York Post and Fox News

Author: Cortney O'Brien , Fox News

Several Connecticut parents spoke out against a worksheet provided by an English teacher in Southington High School on the first day of school that addressed political, gender, and racial issues.

Vocabulary items that appeared on the worksheet included the terms “white privilege,” “indigenous peoples,” “transgender,” “institutional racism,” gender pronouns, the term “Latinx,” as well as other controversial issues. The worksheet appears to show how those terms can be used in writing and includes definitions and proper ways to include a lot of those terms in their writing. WFSB – Channel 3 shared an image of the worksheet on Twitter.

Under the category called, “Concepts we can always keep in mind when conversing,” one line touches on “systemic racism.”

“Racism is a systemic issue,” it reads. “If you look the other way or deny that these systems exist, you are part of the problem. You can know in your heart that you don’t hate anyone but still contribute to their oppression.” see the worksheet and read more, click below.

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