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Is Your School Library Proudly Displaying Obscenity?

Author: Karen England, Capitol Resource Institute

We are in the middle of a week-long national public school "celebration" called Banned Books Week, and high school libraries across the country are taking advantage of the call to display and promote their collection of obscene, warped books, videos and graphic novels.

Perhaps several years ago, school libraries would have very subtly attempted to promote such books, but today libraries proudly design large displays complete with posters and school-wide advertising. Mockingly, one school actually took "mug shots" of students holding objectionable books with a sign in their hand that reads "Caught Reading Banned Books." If you needed any further evidence that our children are being used as pawns in a diabolical game, this should suffice.

Banned Books Week will end on Friday, so we must act quickly. If you have an upper elementary, middle school, or high school student we urge you to encourage them to go to their school library and take pictures and/or a video of specific items included in the Banned Books Week display.

Please share these images with CRI so that we can warn other parents in your specific location. In districts nationwide, we want to create large networks of parents who are willing to stand up and challenge current school policy by demanding that these materials be removed from circulation.

Complacency is not an option as this is happening in EVERY state – red or blue, coastal or fly-over - there are no "safe spaces" to be found.

Make no mistake, these policies and those who defend them will not go down without a fight. You can expect strong and deliberate pushback, but don't be deterred by claims that book banning is ALWAYS bad, regardless of the content, or that parents who try to intervene are essentially engaging in censorship. We've reached a point where organizations like the American Library Association, the sponsors of Banned Books Week, believe that it is somehow stifling to young minds to remove books and videos about gay hook ups and graphic depictions of sex acts with transgender women.

Enough is enough! As a concerned parent or grandparent, you must act immediately while the evidence is handed to you on a silver platter. Visit your school library today or ask your student to document the Banned Books Week display in your neighborhood school.

Parents, it is your right and your responsibility to vigorously challenge any policy that allows for the promotion of obscene material to young children. Please do not let this opportunity pass without taking action.

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