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Parents Community Meeting, Franklin-McKinley School District (videos)

Parents Community Meeting for the Franklin-McKinley School District

Date: October 12, 2023

Location: Seven Trees Community Center, San Jose, CA

Note: The meeting was NOT sponsored or promoted in any way by the Franklin-McKinley School District and its Board of Education. This was organized by community members to talk about parental rights, parental issues, and how our schools are performing.

Part One: Opening remarks from community member Josué Gonzalez

Part Two: "Student Test Scores" from Marc Cooper *

Part Three: "Access Management" from community member Tammy Lariz

Part Four: "The Opt-Out Program" by Larry Pegram (English edit presentation)

Part Five: Closing remarks from community member Josué Gonzalez

* Note: Marc Cooper is speaking on his own behalf and is not representing the Franklin-McKinley School Board. For Identification Purposes Only.

Sources used for Mr. Cooper's presentation:

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